It just occurred to me that on Saturday night, I’ll be seeing Duran Duran in concert for the fifth time. I never set out to be a Durannie, butI’m thinking this might make me one. I can thank my friend Sheila, who’s seen the band more than 20 times over the years (including a few TV tapings which, if included, actually brings my total to six), and always orders two tickets. She remembers the date of her first Duran Duran show — June 22, 1987 — because she still has the stub: “I was 14. I went with two girlfriends. My friend Tai’s mom waited in the car in the parking lot, and when we got back, she said, ‘Okay, bra check!’ and made us all show a strap so she knew we didn’t throw ’em onstage.”

What act have you seen most often in concert? My friend Robb has enjoyed the Go-Gos 25 times, while I’ve somehow managed to catch the band Flickerstick, winner of arguably the best reality show ever, VH1’s Bands on the Run, nine times.

Your turn.

addCredit(“Duran Duran: Simon Fowler/LFI”)