David Sedaris' stuff -- We look at some of the author's whacky décor

The skeleton that David Sedaris gave his artist partner, Hugh Hamrick, for Christmas (as recounted in his story ”Memento Mori”) now graces Hamrick’s studio in their London town house — and yes, the skull is hinged, even if the residents aren’t, entirely. In Sedaris’ work space, he likes looking at a taxidermied mole to remind him of critters recently digging up the couple’s yard in Normandy. A tongue depressor sports a phrase (I was born on a pirate ship) that sounds naughty if you say it while holding your tongue, and a weird illustration alludes to the symptoms of an ailment that fascinates Sedaris: Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, which drives sufferers to injure themselves horribly, ”as if your hands belong to someone else.” Ugh. Time for restorative tea brewed in a fey feline.

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