MTV · August TBD · Number of episodes: 19

The Scoop
It’s been mere weeks since the season finale of The Hills, but MTV’s hit series has already gone back into production for season 4. ”I think they gave me, like, a few days off,” says star Lauren Conrad. The network can’t afford to let the pseudo-reality show take a break, though: The May finale pulled in 3.8 million viewers, and season 3 ranked as MTV’s highest-rated series since 2004’s The Real World: San Diego. Still, Conrad says she’s been assured she’ll get a brief respite from cameras this summer. ”I’m running away to Europe for two weeks, and they’re not allowed to come with me,” she says. ”It’s a family vacation, and my mother said no way.”
Boy Crazy
Back in L.A., cameras will follow Conrad as she enters into a relationship with minor-league baseball player Doug Reinhardt. ”He was really cool about it,” she says of the constant film-crew presence. ”It’s hard to find a guy that’s okay with filming and doesn’t really want it but is willing to do it for you.” Exec producer Adam DiVello teases that Reinhardt might not be the only boy toy for fans to ogle. ”You’re gonna see a lot of new faces this year, as far as new guys coming in and out of their lives,” he says. (Speaking of which, Conrad’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Brody Jenner will be back, though DiVello is mum on whether he’s a love interest for LC.) Heidi and Spencer’s reign of terror will continue, as the newly reconciled (though were they ever really apart?) couple return, bringing their blindingly bright chompers with them. —Tim Stack