Alanis Morissette's favorite women rockers -- Reasons to love Joni Mitchell, Sinead O'Connor, Sarah Slean, and Justine Frischmann

”I’m so overstimulated I listen to meditation music 90 percent of the time. It used to drive people that I’ve dated crazy.” Here, some who help occupy the other 10 percent:

1. Joni Mitchell
When I first moved to L.A. from Canada, I was embroiled in massive culture shock. ”River” was my security blanket.

2. Sinéad O’Connor
I listened to I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got a thousand times as a kid. Her gorgeous voice, her raw emotionality, combined with this great loop. Oh! So up my alley.

3. Sarah Slean
Her voice is like velvet, and her lyrics are so her. I love artists who are distinctly themselves, and they’re not trying to be something else.

4. Justine Frischmann, Elastica
Love her. Where is she now? She’s kind of my fantasy girl. I want to ride motorbikes with her.