Lastnight’s The Real Housewives of New York City: The Lost Footage dishedup several tasty (never before seen!) morsels, like Jill’s “lingerie scar,” Bethenny’s romance advice for Jill’s teenage daughter (“A soufflé and a good b—job are all youneed to get a man”), and LuAnn’s ignorance about BFFs. But if those don’t sate you until the next season of the Bravo series, head on over to for an extra helping of “Jillisms,” courtesy of the socialite’s “Ask Jill” column. If you’re puzzled over which of your many sets of china to pack for the Hamptons, or you’re just dying to know where to buy one of those sparkly “Team Jill” tanks, the feisty redhead (pictured) has solutions for your highest of highbrow problems.

But wait! There’s more! For all you entrepreneurs, Jill will help shill your product.”Filming [on the second season] should begin in the Hamptons as earlyas the end of June,” she wrote in last week’s post. “If you have a business you want meto visit or products you want me to try or use you can contact methrough We will be shopping, eating and attendingcharities and parties. Of course we are always looking for funactivities for the kids too.” That’s right, I’m lookin’ at you, Muffythe Manners Clown.

So PopWatchers, I want to know, whatdid you think of last night’s “lost footage”? Do you have anyunanswered questions worthy of an “Ask Jill” column?