Boffo box office aside, not everyone is loving the new Indiana Jones movie. A number of folks have quibbles about the movie’s accuracy. (Let’s not even get started on these guys’ complaint.) Over at, they’ve prevailed upon archaeologist Kristin Romey (who’s explored some of the Latin American turf covered in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) to see which parts of the movie plausibly portray archaeologists and their work and which do not. The implausible stuff (besides Harrison Ford, pictured, still being able to kick ass at 65) is pretty evident, but the elements that are realistic may surprise you. It turns out that archaeologists often really are spies who pack heat and behave like horndogs. Who knew? Can’t wait ’til the Asylum folks apply similar investigative zeal to this season’s other fantasy films, including Iron Man, Prince Caspian, and Sex and the City.

addCredit(“Toni Servillo; Francois Durand/Getty”)