Alanis Morissette
Credit: Matthew Mendelsohn/CORBIS

Sweating yet? I am. This week, we’re rolling out the 100 best summer songs ever, 25 at a time. Most of them came out in the summertime; others just boast a lot of heat and/or bodies of water (you know, the waterfalls, rivers and lakes that you’re used to). When I read “summer song,” I automatically zip right back to 1995 for some reason and start wailing “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette (pictured) because, quite frankly, I really ought to. Actually, hearing any song from her Jagged Little Pill fools me into thinking I’m roasting in my backyard, sprawled out beside my family’s weak-willed sprinkler (that my sister is totally hogging) and trusty waterproof CD/tape player boombox. Not to mention the vehicular element of summer music. There’s nothing quite like speeding downa two-lane highway, buffeted by a warm breeze, trying to get the attention of adriver you’re about to pass, just so you can sing “Are you thinking of me whenyou f— her?” in his face and catch him completely off guard while hopefullynot causing an accident. God, I should delete that. Anyway, performing the “Back back to the middle back back to the middle” breakdown of “100% Pure Love” (another song I inexplicably associate with summer), while stationary at a stoplight, is a much safer/saner bet.

Which songs scream ‘SUMMER!’ to you? Share your hot, hot, hot anecdotes, below.

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