Man, I do loves me some pork and beans. Sittin’ by a campfire, the moon hanging low over the night sky, the sweet warmth of molasses and starch filling my belly…. Ah, chain-gang memories. But the new video for Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” is almost as good, if less incarcerate-y.

The song — which we had a preview of last month — is a perfectly poppy slice of Weezer, but the video is like a Battle of the Viral Video All Stars. There’s the “Chocolate Rain” dude, and the “Leave Britney Alone” person, and that “Numa Numa dance” gentleman, all lip-syncing Rivers Cuomo’s lyrics. And the home-brewed lightsaber duels and Mentos/dry-ice Coke bottle fountains simply add some razzle-dazzle.

Will the video become its own viral video? And is it enough to get you to buy Weezer’s “Red Album” when it drops on June 3rd?