Singing Celebs --''Pitch Perfect'' highlights the college a cappella group careers of Anne Hathaway, Wentworth Miller, and John Legend

Mickey Rapkin’s Pitch Perfect documents the vast subculture of college a cappella singing groups. Can you match these celebs to the oddly named ensembles in which they once do-re-mi’d?

A. Anne Hathaway
B. Ed Helms
C. John Legend
D. Masi Oka
E. Rashida Jones
F. Wentworth Miller

1. Obertones (Oberlin)
2. Measure 4 Measure (Vassar)
3. Tigertones (Princeton)
4. Counterparts (UPenn)
5. Opportunes (Harvard)
6. Bear Necessities (Brown)

Key: A-2; B-1; C-4; D-6; E-5; F-3