Gearing up for the May 30, we grade every episode of the series. Today, a flashback to season 3, when Carrie Bradshaw met Aidan Shaw, Charlotte York met Trey MacDougal, and Samantha Jones met Mr. Funky Spunk
Kim Cattrall, Sex and the City

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Episode 31: ”Where There’s Smoke…”

Carrie couldn’t help but wonder… ”Do women just want to be rescued?”

Plot Carrie judges a firemen’s calendar contest in Staten Island and meets a flirtatious politician; Miranda gets Lasik surgery; Samantha lives out her fireman fantasy.

Introduces Bill Kelley (John Slattery), the dashing city-comptroller candidate.

Best sound bite ”I lost my Choo!” —Carrie, after stepping out of her shoe while running for the Staten Island ferry

Style and error Carrie’s periwinkle dress paired with lavender Jimmy Choos (their first mention as a Carrie wardrobe staple!) is sartorial perfection.

Critique A hot season premiere, especially when Samantha’s rendezvous with a fireman leads to a classic coitus interruptus moment. A

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