The seven day ''Work Out'' plan -- A rundown of Bravo star Jackie Warner's ''One-on-One Training''

One-on-One Training With Jackie

The seven day ”Work Out” plan

Want Work Out star Jackie Warner’s yummy-looking tummy? So do we. Can’t afford her $400-per-hour rate? Neither can we. And even though Jackie does more hooking up on her Bravo show than working out, we figured it couldn’t hurt our waistline to try One-on-One Training With Jackie, her new DVD.

DAY 1 20-Minute Upper Body Workout
We fall in love with Jackie in just minutes when she says the ”rear delt fly” is her favorite arm exercise. It’s ours, too!

DAY 2 20-Minute Lower Body Workout
The squats make our knees pop like bubble wrap. Distracted by the half-naked Jackie photos decorating the set, we fall over during the backward lunge.

DAY 3 20-Minute Core/Abs Workout
The pain inflicted by Jackie’s ”penguin heel tap” move — combined with yesterday’s wipeout — makes us rethink our crush. Plus, we may have ruptured our spleen.

DAY 4 Upper Body
Is the sweat in our eyes blurring our vision, or did Jackie just feel up former ”friend with benefits” Rebecca during military push-ups?

DAY 5 Lower Body
Jackie tells us ”if it’s not burning, it’s not working.” Number of times she says burning: six.

DAY 6 Core/Abs
Jackie makes an off-color joke while demonstrating crunches called ”the Clams.” This DVD might need a TV-MA rating.

DAY 7 Rest
Defying almost all laws of anatomy, our jeans actually fit better. We program Work Out on our TiVo Season Pass.

One-on-One Training With Jackie
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