We rate pop culture for the week of May 30, 2008 including ''Sex and the City'' reruns, Kevin from ''The Office'', the Moldy Peaches and more

· Holly thinks Kevin is ”touched” on The Office. We’re kind of touched, too
· The old-fashioned, romantic, arm-shiver-inducing Australia trailer
· Best month ever for the gays: new Madonna album and legal marriage in California. (Where’s our invite, George Takei?)

Near Misses
· Rewatching old Sex and the Citys in preparation for the movie
· Prince Caspian’s pan-Euro accent makes Narnia sound like a gelato flavor
· The Moldy Peaches sell their souls, and their Juno hit, for an Atlantis Resort ad

· OMG we’re so over OMG.
· All the stars come out for Cannes. And Star Jones.
· NKOTB reunited — and so far, it doesn’t sound so good.