New fall TV shows -- Look for "Lost" creator J.J. Abram's new show

Following the other nets, CBS and Fox unveiled their new fall shows. We weigh in on how they gave us more imports, and Mohr pain.

Worst Week (CBS)
Or, Meet the Parents: The Sitcom. A choice punchline from the British import: ”You urinated on my goose!”

Fringe (Fox)
From J.J. Abrams, another dense suspense series I’m going to find half wittily irresistible, half pleasantly incomprehensible. And I mean both of those as compliments.

Project Gary (CBS)
A distractingly barrel-chested Jay Mohr is a divorced dad trying to score with chicks. The fall’s Must Avoid for depressed middle-aged men.

The Mentalist (CBS)
Eye-net barnacle Simon Baker (The Guardian) notices things super-really well. Seriously, that’s the premise of this cop show.

The Eleventh Hour (CBS)
Another Brit-born idea: Brainiac biophysicist (Rufus Sewell) investigates ”scientific oddities.” Like Jay Mohr’s new chest?

Do Not Disturb (Fox)
Jerry O’Connell as a hotel manager, in full wacky mode. You can’t blame Reno 911!‘s Niecy Nash for going for a bigger paycheck, but this manic farce seems like brief employment.

The Ex List (CBS)
A fortune-teller informs our female hero that she’s already met the man she was Meant to Be With, so she retraces her life steps and re-dates a bunch of lummoxes. An Israeli concept. Oy.