Mark-Paul Gosselaar
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Have you ever stumbled across a letter or email that you wrote when you were younger –€” or worse, had the person you sent it to stumble across it — and laughed your ass off? My friend Sheila just found a letter that our friend Tamara wrote her in the summer of 1994, when we were in college. My three favorite excerpts:

– “I got my old internship but for no money. The experience however is important…. I talked to Robb last week, and he is working three jobs. Listening to him, I feel guilty for having time at night to watch television. Did you watch The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story? Oh what talent!! Why do the good movies come on when we are not at school.”

– “[An older gentleman who worked at the student newspaper] is dead. Unbelievable. Speaking of dead —€” Did you hear of the rumor circulating through Hollywood? Supposedly, Mark-Paul Gosselaar [pictured] is dead. Who is he? Zack on Saved by the Bell. Never fear, he is not really dead.* So we can all breathe a little easier.”

– “We must paint Philadelphia red sometime. I want a real cheesesteak!! I really like this pen. Well, I will write soon. I am on my way to San Francisco. Maybe I will run into the Real Word III cast. Who knows?”

Your turn.

*Gosselaar, sporting long brown hair I do not approve of, will star in TNT’s upcoming Steven Bochco legal drama, Raising the Bar.

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