By Gillian Flynn
May 23, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT
Greg Endries

Denise Richards’ reality show, It’s Complicated, airs on E! in the same hour block (both move to Sundays after their May 26 premieres) as Living Lohan. Like Dina Lohan’s, Richards’ series also features multiple shots of a blonde in oversize sunglasses yip-yak-yakking while navigating a giant SUV. Yay! Richards, now more famous for her bitter divorce from Charlie Sheen than her acting, shows off her single-mom life, though she limits the use of her two small daughters in the series. (Sheen unsuccessfully sued to keep the girls off camera. Yes, Charlie Sheen is the unseen voice of reason here.) Richards has a personal psychic, a personal tanning expert, a personal chiropractor, an amiable widowed father, and about 3,000 pets, and she still doesn’t have a lot going on. It’s Complicated is one of those ”celebs, they’re just like us!” shows in which we’re expected to enjoy watching a famous pampered person doing things we don’t want to do either. We see Richards go to the DMV, buy a BBQ grill, encourage her pet pigs to mate. Shall I repeat that last part? Pigs hump. And when they fly, I will tune in again. D