Thank you, Internet, for giving my cerebral cortex something strange and shiny to process yet again. I’m talking of course about the viral video below, in which a guy wearing a floppy Indiana Jones hat runs away from a huge irregular sphere made of LEGOs, Temple of Doom-stylee, on the streets of San Francisco (h/t). That right there is one minute and thirty seconds of my Friday morning entertainment taken care of!

The clip is suspiciously well-edited, which has raised whispers that it could be faked — though I’d argue that it’s still pretty cool if, as some have claimed, that boulder is actually made out of harmless styrofoam. More troublingly, it’s been suggested that this is actually a covert ad for some product. It is structured awfully similarly to the viral ads for Ray-Ban and Levi’s that got exposed here, or that Nike clip where it looked like Kobe Bryant was jumping over a speeding Aston-Martin.

The debate over the LEGO boulder continues to grow on various San Fran blogs; the most thorough debunking effort is here. But who really cares? If Kingdom of the Crystal Skull provides this much fun this weekend, I’ll be happy. Won’t you?