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Feedback from our readers

Dr. Lookgood
Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith isn’t just the namesake of Grey’s Anatomy — she’s its heart and soul.
Sam Kuntz

Thank you for featuring that other actor from Grey’s Anatomy — the beautiful and talented Ellen Pompeo (”Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me.”). One more Patrick Dempsey story and I would have poked my eyes out.
Christopher Jennings

The Trouble With Miley
Between the tousled hair and the bare back, the photo of Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair is an adult, erotic image (News & Notes). Disney needs to make a decision. If they want ”a billion-dollar empire built on one girl’s goodness,” as you put it in your article, they need to stop giving their teenage TV stars recording contracts and making them into goddesses. Get the hint already, Disney: If you don’t want these teens to act like adults, stop treating them like adults!
JoAnna Yoder
Newport, Ore.

I finally checked out the Miley Cyrus picture, and I have no idea what the fuss is about. I find the photo to be very artistic. She’s not showing any leg, and if this were a picture of her toweling off after getting out of the ocean, no one would have anything to say about it. She had no reason to apologize to anyone.
Andrew Spice
Norton, Ohio

The ‘American’ Experience
I’m a recent arrival to the American Idol party and read ”Why Song Selection Matters” with interest. Beyond choosing the right song, it’s critical to spin the performance into something that captures the Idol zeitgeist. Showmanship is what separates those who are destined to perform in a parade from those who are able to reduce a poised, professional 34-year-old like myself to junior-high histrionics.
Hollie Corbitt
Sarasota, Fla.

I have to take issue with ”Why Song Selection Matters.” It was completely unfair, relying on obvious criticisms of certain contestants: David Archuleta’s overbearing father and shaken confidence; Syesha Mercado’s inability to choose songs. In contrast, David Cook was treated like the winner. Such promotion of one contestant over the rest was shameless and egregious.
Alex Heald
New York City

Woman Behind the Wheel
Contrary to your reviewer’s opinion, not all girlfriends and wives were saddened upon the release of Grand Theft Auto IV (Games). This wife in particular booted her husband off the PS3 to play GTA IV, and she hasn’t let him back on since.
Suzanne Cross
North Vancouver