I was just reading an Associated Press article, “‘Cougars 4 Cook’ sign was our first clue,” and three things struck me: (1) Some women are embracing the term cougar. Why? (2) Our own Michael Slezak is quoted in the discussion of American Idol winner David Cook’s (pictured) unexpected sex appeal: “Getting that side-part during Dolly Parton week was possibly his best strategic move of the season, even more so than his rearrangement of ‘Always Be My Baby.'” (3) I am apparently the only woman over 30 who doesn’t want a bite of Cookie. Linda Sharp, a 42-year-old blogger, voted 473 times for Cook Tuesday night. “The biggest thing: He’s legal, and that goes a long way,” Sharp said. “He’s 25. That’s old enough that we canopenly ogle him, and we can drool over him, and it doesn’t make us feellike we could be his mother.” She went on to explain how her courtship with Cook climaxed in that admittedly tasty underwear Guitar Hero commercial: “We’re the ones that salivated so heavily over Tom Cruisein Risky Business that he really slid to superstardom on a trail ofour spittle… So to see David Cook — who we’re firmly inlove with — put into those two things… I mean, it was just a gift.It was a present.”

addCredit(“David Cook: Frank Micelotta”)

How do you feel about the term cougar, in a postAge of Love world? And if you prefer your idols to be of a certain age (50+), be sure to check our gallery of GILFy pleasures (in honor of Harrison Ford’s return as Indy). I extol the hotness of Kevin Costner and Anthony Stewart Head. (Now, this is how you do a tasty commercial, son.)