Just months after taking part in a media blitz that included a water-cooler appearance on Oprah, Thomas Beatie — a.k.a. the Pregnant Man — has signed a deal with St. Martin’s Press to write his memoir. The book — which will be titled Love Makes a Family: A Memoir of Hardship, Healing and Extraordinary Pregnancy — will “follow [Beatie] through his transformation from a girl scout and beauty queen to a fully legal and recognized man with a black belt in martial arts and a loving wife,” and chronicle his controversial choice to conceive a child, according to the press release.

Picking up the rights to Beatie’s story was certainly a smart move for St. Martin’s — his Oprah moment drew the biggest audience the talk titan has had in a year, and People‘s best-selling issue in nearly two years featured a story on Beatie. Love Makes a Family is set for publication on Sept. 30, 2008.