He yells. He cries. He dances along to High School Musical on Ice. Adam Brock (left), the histrionic business manager of MTV’s geeky high school reality series The Paper, has won a lot of fans at EW with his charmingly outsize personality. So with the show’s season finale coming up on Monday, PopWatch called the 18-year-old aspiring journalist — who just got back from freshman orientation at University of Central Florida — to get the scoop on his flair for the dramatic and the reality of reality TV.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You come off as a total drama queen on the show. Are you okay with that?
Adam Brock: You know what? I am a drama queen. I’m not gonna lie. I freak out. From episode to episode, it seems like I’m the bad guy or I’m the good guy. But in reality, I’m on no one’s side. I stand up for what is right and what I believe in.

Was it embarrassing to know that the whole world was watching you flip out?
Oh, not at all. I couldn’t care less. I started cracking up when they filmed me crying. I was hysterically crying because I was laughing so hard.

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The first episode was a race for the editor-in-chief spot, which went to Amanda. Do you agree with that decision?
Ifeel that Alex still did deserve editor-in-chief. But Amanda gained myrespect, and that’s what I liked the most. If Alex had gotteneditor-in-chief, I can tell you that Cassia and Amanda and Chareesewould’ve been the bad guys in the show.

Were there any fun moments during the year that the show left out?
[Amanda and I] were both in a production of Grease. I played Roger. She played Rizzo.

Do you like any other MTV reality shows?
Most of them are guilty pleasures. I love watching The Hills because honestly life sometimes is like that. People say, “Oh life isn’t that perfect. You don’t get a job at Teen Vogue.”You don’t know that! Just like how people are saying, “Oh, Adam wonhomecoming king. That never happened. MTV did that.” It wasn’t! Iactually won by six votes.

High School Musical. You still a fan?
Oh, I will love High School Musical until I die.