I couldn’t help but perk up when broke the news this week that Jake Gyllenhaal is starring in a feature-film version of classic computer game Prince of Persia. You see, I loved Prince of Persia way back when. I think I remember covertly playing it during my elementary-school computer class. More recently, I believe I downloaded an Apple II emulator onto my laptop one time in college for the sole purpose of running through Prince of Persia over and over again for a few weeks.

Still, I gotta wonder how they’re going to make a movie out of this. As I recall, there wasn’t much in the way of a plot to develop: Prince fights off menacing dude with scimitar, Prince leaps from one vertiginous ledge to another, Prince gulps down life-saving potion, Prince fights off two menacing dudes with scimitars at the same time… Apparently the big-screen version is going to introduce a quest for “a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world,” which sounds a little more like a compelling narrative. But really, at least half the fun of the game was in the gory mishaps, like when Prince would accidentally fall down bottomless shafts to his death or stumble onto a spot where retractable blades shot up from the floor to impale him. I’m presuming neither of those painful fates await Jake G., which is awfully disappointing from a sheer entertainment standpoint. (No offense, Jake.) Furthermore, after typing all that, it occurs to me how much more awesome this movie could be if our hero was played by actual Prince.

Anyway, count me as “guardedly anticipatory.” What about you? And are there any other old computer games that you think deserve to become movies — say, an epic Oregon Trail adaptation starring Emile Hirsch?