So, according to this article in Federal Computer Week, Sen. Joe Lieberman has urged YouTube to pull down videos posted by Islamist terrorist groups, as well as to tighten its submission policies. And YouTube has politely told the senator to go stuff it. Say, did you even know that there were terrorist videos on YouTube? My favorites include the one where the baby panda sneezes so hard it explodes, the one where a training camp full of terrorists dances in formation to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” and the one with that song “Chocolate Rain of Death.” Of course, watching these viral vids may infect you with the urge to take up arms against the government and your fellow citizens, but that’s a small price to pay for free streaming entertainment.

Heh. If there’s any video I’m worried about that could encourage terrorism, it’s the one below. A pampered Hollywood starlet being chauffeured around, having her hair and makeup done, snapping gum, being nuzzled by Salman Rushdie, and destroying a perfectly good Tom Waits song — why, it’s enough to make anyone hate America.