Liz Phair
Credit: John Shearer/WireImage

Liz Phair (pictured) made me both happy and sad today. Why? Well, her label is rereleasing her groundbreaking 1993 album Exile in Guyville on June 25th — apparently the album is out of print, a fact I find pretty hard to fathom — and Liz is going to perform all of Guyville in New York in late June, to be followed by dates in San Francisco and her hometown, Chicago. Now, it’s sad because the repressing is (ostensibly) to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the album’s initial release (and, no doubt, a nice way to profitably air out the Phair archives), and that my memories of that album involve too many brews in a seedy college bar, screaming singing along to “F— and Run,” reminding me yet again how old I am. (If you know of a cure for the “everything is making me feel old” feeling, please let me know, because it’s making nostalgia a real drag.) Oh, and how Phair and her music have changed so drastically since (but let’s not dwell on that now, shall we?).

Age be damned, I’m pretty psyched for the show, if I can con my way in, or if occasionally PopWatch contributor Samantha Xu can. (To quote her: “I’m so excited for it, I’m trying not to pee my pants.”) In the interim, if there’s something else that makes you just as stoked as Samantha (current TV shows/movies/music/books/games/websites), let’s have it for the Must List. In the comments below, list up to three, and include your e-mail address so we can contact you if we decide to use your submission in the magazine. Deadline is tomorrow, Thursday, May 22, at 10 a.m. ET.

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