Gearing up for the May 30 movie, we grade every episode of the TV hit. Today, a flashback to season 2, when Carrie has her first Big rebound, and a bartender named Steve breaks the ice with Miranda
Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, ...

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Episode 13: ”Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Carrie couldn’t help but wonder… ”In a world where leaving each other seems to be getting more and more frequent, what are the breakup rules?”

Plot One month since her split with Big, Carrie gets dragged to a Yankees game, where she grabs the new Yankee’s foul ball; Samantha’s dating James and ”his tiny penis”; Charlotte’s new guy keeps adjusting himself.

Best sound bite ”Me, James, and his tiny penis: We’re one big happy family.” —Samantha

Style and error Carrie wears a fur coat…to Yankee Stadium.

Critique Overflowing with batting analogies and ball puns, the joke-heavy plot melds clever innuendo with true emotion and ends up scoring a home run. A-

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