After reading the comments on my post mourning CBS’ cancellation of Moonlight (pictured), in which some viewers vow to boycott the network, and those on Abby West’s Bones season finale preview and postmortem, in which a handful of fans threaten to abandon the Fox drama after its rushed resolution to the Gormogon case, I’m wondering how often people actually follow through on such promises.

So, tell me: Have you ever boycotted an entire network? Or gone cold turkey on a show because you felt it did you wrong? And how long did you hold out? I’m fascinated.

P.S. While I’m the “obsessed colleague” who wouldn’t stopcomplaining to Abby about Booth’s beer helmet — (a) he had a tub caddythat could’ve held his cans and (b) I know he’s a “dude,” but he stillshops at Spencer’s? — I’ll be back.

P.P.S. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moonlight is still being shopped to cable networks, including TNT. Hmmm. While TNT has Angel repeats in the morning, I’m not sure I see vamps fitting into its primetime lineup. Angelalums on the other hand, yes: I went to the Turner upfronts last week,and saw that J. August Richards (Gunn) has a role in Steven Bochco’supcoming TNT legal drama, Raising the Bar, while Christian Kane (Lindsey) will be seen opposite Timothy Hutton in the net’s Leverage. Of course, TNT already has a double dose of Boreanaz, with Tuesday night Bones repeats.

Hell to the No!
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