According to an AOL Television poll, Jason Castro (pictured, left) is the most overrated American Idol contestant this season. After hearing the news, Slezak IM’d me with the words “Well the AOL poll is wrong!” and a crying emoticon. Who does he think is the most overrated? “David Archuleta?” he wrote (sticking his virtual tongue out). “Seriously? I don’t know if this was a season about ‘overrated.’ The judges only liked two people all season… no one else got any credit most of the time. I guess if I had to pick someone who was overpraised it would be Archuleta.” (Archuleta came in second in the poll.)

Meanwhile, Michael Johns (pictured, right) was the early reject picked most likely to achieve Daughtry-like success. Though the Aussie earned 42 percent of the vote, he doesn’t get Slezak’s: “I think he’s very talented and really personable, but he’s 29, which is a tough age in the music business. I also think other than Dolly Parton week, he rarely chose the right song for himself. I think his looks have made people think he was a better singer than he was. This is maybe the hardest season ever to predict who will achieve post-Idol success. Carly, Brooke, and Jason I think all have legitimate chances at success. If you made me put $20 on it, I’d say Brooke or Jason… because they have really distinct sounds. I adore Carly, but based on her Idol run, I’m still not sure what kind of record she wants to make.”

Which contestants get your votes for most overrated? The most likely to succeed?