Aimee Mann’s new album, out June 3, is called @#%&*! Smilers, which is not a group Mann herself ever seems to have belonged to, except maybe when she posed for the uncharacteristically grinning photo that adorns her homepage. @#%&*! Smilers is full of portraits of (in Mann’s own description) people with “dark, eccentric personalities.” Judging by her new single, “Freeway,” which she introduced on a recent episode of the Ovation channel’s Artists Den (embedded below), the new set offers more of the exquisitely crafted wistful, wry melancholy that Mann devotees and music critics love (and that the pop charts ignore). Mann’s website has all the details on the album release (on her own SuperEgo label), and her summer tour, while there are more snippets of her music at her MySpace page. Feel free, Mann fans, to use the comments section to proclaim your Mann crush and evaluate her new tunes.