Dawnie Walton

When I received a package of Chubby Checker’s Snacks “Sugar Twist Teriyaki” beef jerky in the mail (along with his upcoming greatest hits album, All the Best, due out July 23), I had one thought: Taste test! Naturally, Annie (pictured, with jerky) was in.

First, her thoughts:

1) Woodchip-like shape, texture
2) One piece started out a perfect rectangle, but I found it most rewarding to nibble around the edges ever so slightly until part of the disgusting meat mass fell away, usually leaving a ”string” of ”material” in its wake. I liken it to nibbling around the edges of a Reese’s peanut butter cup, except in the case of Chubby Checker-endorsed Sugar Twist Teriyaki beef jerky, the middle is not necessarily more of a delicious target than the outside.
3) Places I would eat this snack include: Survivor, stuck on an elevator (or at my desk) for 41 hours, and in a salad.
4) You also have to wipe your fingers on your already food-encrusted jeans in order to type.

Most jerky taste-testing after the jump…

Next, we took the Chubby Checker beef jerky to our colleague DawnieWalton (pictured), who found it less flavorful than a Slim Jim. “I didn’t, youknow, ‘snap into it‘” she said. She did, however, exclaim, “Not bad!” when she first tasted it, so there’s apull quote for you, Chubby Checker’s Snacks! It’s probably better thanAnnie’s: ”Except for the times when it makes me gag, I like thetaste.”

According to the packaging, Chubby’s jerky is “filled with the same energy, passion, and soul that went into his record-breaking music.” Maybe the passion in his other beef jerky varieties — InvisibleStrength Pepper Garlic, Original Twist Natural Style, and Hot TwistHickory — would taste better…