Attention, all you Indiana Jones-hating bloggers: Shia LaBeouf is on to you. I caught up with the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star (pictured, with costars Harrison Ford and Karen Allen) at an Indiana Jones cocktail party here in Cannes, and when I asked him about those spoiler-heavy reviews that appeared on the web last week, he told me he doesn’t believe the writers actually saw the film. “Those reviews were not real,” he insisted. “You know it’s not a real review when no mention gets made of cinematography, or the camera setups, or anything pertaining to Steven’s direction of the film. It’s just all about Harrison and myself, when 70 percent of the movie is direction and shots and set pieces. I read all of it. As soon as I heard there was a review, I was like, Really? That’s crazy, ‘cause I haven’t seen the movie.” I also asked him what it was like to complete two days of interviews in Cannes when none of the journalists had actually seen the movie. “And you can’t say anything!” he responded. “You wind up talking about mundane things like shoelaces. But there’s beauty in that. People think they want to hear things, but they don’t.”

A few minutes later, his costar Harrison Ford, who had cameras shoved in his face whenever he went out in public, told me he was unfazed by the Cannes insanity: “I’ve been doing this for long enough, I know what to expect,” he said. “I don’t have any illusions about it or any fear of it.” When I mentioned LaBeouf’s comment about the shoelaces, Ford pointed to Steven Spielberg, who was standing behind me. “Check out Steven: He’s got no shoelaces in his shoes. So I don’t know what he’s thinking about!”

addCredit(“Shia LaBeouf, Harrison Ford and Karen Allen: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images”)