As a guy with a Moulin Rouge poster on his office wall, it goes without saying that I plan on seeing Baz Luhrmann’s directorial followup, Australia, when it hits theaters in November. And based on the new teaser trailer that just went up at (click here to see it, or catch the embedded YouTube clip after the jump), I’m hopeful that the Nicole Kidman-Hugh Jackman vehicle will be worth the seven-year wait. It certainly has the kind of epic sweep (candy-colored skylines! gorgeous costumes! thundering hooves!) that Oscar voters love, and I’m digging all the details, right down to the art-deco-y font used on its stars’ names. You in or out, or reserving judgment till you see more footage/read the reviews? (PopWatch photo editor Connie Yu informs me she is not on board. “It looks just like Far and Away,” she says, “and Nicole Kidman’s character can’t even spit out the narrative. This is what we’ve been waiting for?”) What say you, PopWatchers?