Re-bonjour, as they say in these parts. As mycolleague Dave Karger noted, the last few days seem to have been nothing but Kung-FuPanda nuttiness. I kicked off Friday with a KFP press conference,where I cringed as reporters deluged Angelina Jolie with questions like:”Is your huge celebrity” — a phrase that prompted Jolie to arch her right eyebrow ever so slightly — “the reason you play suchlarger-than-life roles?” And so on. At another press conference for thesame movie (which I did not attend, but had the pleasure of catching on TV),someone even asked DreamWorks co-head Jeffrey Katzenberg if it wasirresponsible to build a kid’s movie around a hero (i.e. the adorable panda)who is obese. Because, you know, after Shrek, kids around the world allwanted to get fat, paint themselves green, and move to Muddy Bogville orwherever the heck that guy called home.

I managed to catch two screenings yesterday: Waltz WithBashir, the quite terrific animated Israeli film about the 1982 massacresin two Lebanese villages. After stopping by an Overture Films/Paramount Vantagecocktail party for Cannes favorite Michael Moore (in town to talk up hisfollow-up to Fahrenheit 9/11), I then attended a press screening of thenew Woody Allen comedy, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Allen’s another Canneschou chou and this movie isn’t likely to change that. It played wellwith the crowd, especially whenever Penélope Cruz came on screen. She plays Javier Bardem’s mentally unstable, genius-artist ex-wife, and isa riot to behold. I do love Señorita Cruz when she’s playing unhinged chicaswith wild hair. The film has its official screening tonight, when Cruz’s beauty is sure to drop many a jaw on the red carpet.

Thismorning, after watching James Toback’s documentary Tyson, about theformer heavyweight boxing champ, Dave and I met with the filmmaker and hissubject for a chat, which we’ll post here later this week. Now, however, I mustsign off, as Dave is waiting for me in our hotel lobby. We’re off to a cocktailparty for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I mustadmit, I’m pretty excited about watching the movie tomorrow. I promise a full report following the screening.In the meantime, I gotta get back into my formalwear!