"Sex and the City"'s props -- A look at the Manolos, tutus and credit cards

If beauty is in the details, then the attention paid to every item — from the stilettos to the names on the credit cards — made this City a stunner.

These shoes were made for falling
Of the countless Manolos Carrie strutted in, this pair of size 7’s may be the most notorious: After claiming she was ”very, very comfortable in heels,” Carrie tripped and became ”fashion roadkill” on the runway in season 4.

The real Big Apple
Carrie had many a musing on this laptop about life, love, and the pursuit of sex. Today, the Mac, a real working computer, is part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian museum in D.C. (right next to Seinfeld’s puffy shirt).

Credit report
Prop master Sabrina Wright filled the key characters’ wallets with credit cards bearing their names. Even Kyra White (Tatum O’Neal), the mommy who bought Carrie a pair of replacement Manolos in season 6, scored her own plastic.

The un-engaging ring
”I went to my jeweler and said, ‘Give me something someone from Staten Island would wear,”’ Wright laughs of her quest to find the ”ugly” ring Aidan almost gave Carrie in season 4 — until Samantha stepped in and directed him toward Harry Winston.

A skirted debate
”People had reservations about the tutu in the opening sequence,” Sarah Jessica Parker told EW in 2003. But she and costume designer Patricia Field ”stuck to our guns.” And so it was that even before her first scene, Carrie Bradshaw and her $5 vintage tulle skirt became an instant fashion classic. Fittingly, the tutu, from Parker’s personal collection, makes a cameo in the movie.

Snow bunny
What would a fashionista wear on a horse-drawn sleigh ride through Central Park with her Russian lovah? A fuzzy pink pom-pom hat made of rabbit fur, of course. Carrie wore the cap in season 6 just before deciding to go to Paris with Petrovsky.

Made to order
When the ladies convened in their favorite coffee shop to brunch and brush up on each other’s lives, they ordered off this menu written (with prices!) by Wright. Parker must have liked what she saw, since she kept the menu as a memento.

A baby story
Bought by Trey after he and Charlotte decided to try for a baby in season 4, this Tiffany rattle is one of exec producer Cindy Chupack’s most cherished tokens: She penned the episode and the heartfelt inscription (”…we had you, and then we had everything”).

In a New York state of mind
It was while holding this snow globe (from the San Francisco Music Box Company) in season 4 that Carrie realized all wasn’t golden in her relationship with homebody Aidan. But it almost got cut from the episode, which aired shortly after 9/11, because of the Twin Towers inside. After its debut, says Wright, ”I got phone calls from embassies because they wanted to give them as gifts.”

Tutu times two
In the final episode of the series, Carrie runs through the rues of Paris — and eventually into Big’s arms — in this vintage seafoam gown. With the tulle skirt, the piece is a subtle nod to the outrageous outfit that she made her very first splash in.

‘Sex’ line
Proving she’s an old-fashioned girl —at least when it comes to technology — Carrie often used this rotary phone, which she kept on a chair next to her bed. Like the tutu, the phone also makes a reappearance in the movie.

The comic drawing that Wade (a.k.a. Power Lad) gave Carrie in season 3 was sketched by on-set scenic artist James Hoff. ”Michael Patrick King and I threw James the idea of her leaping over buildings,” Wright remembers, ”and he ran with it.”

Working woman
The briefcases Miranda carried throughout Sex illustrate her climb from conservative lawyer to sophisticated power player and law-firm partner.

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