"Sex and the City"'s other woman ? Bridget Monahan on her role as Big's wife Natasha

The former model launched her acting career (Coyote Ugly, The Recruit) by playing Mr. Big’s young, glamorous, and ultimately betrayed bride Natasha.

On nabbing Natasha
When the casting team was late to the audition, Moynahan engaged in an internal debate: ”I was like, ‘I have another audition. Maybe I should leave.’ It was one of those moments, the Sliding Doors effect. If I had left, who knows what would have happened? I don’t think anyone realized that that role was going to become as big as it did. Even though I think maybe I had 45 words in the entire series.”

Playing the other woman
”I always found it ironic people didn’t really like me since I was the one getting cheated on. But that’s the tribute to how much people loved Carrie and Sarah Jessica Parker. Whatever she did, there was no wrong in it.” The staunchest Carrie supporters would even approach Moynahan and ask, ”Why are you with Mr. Big?”

Natasha’s style idol
”Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was so that icon of the time. So I kind of modeled Natasha after her.”

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