"Sex and the City's" other big men -- We catch up with David Eigenberg, Jason Lewis, and Evan Handler

What do a bartender, an actor, and a bald lawyer have in common? They wooed and won Carrie’s best friends — and they’ll all be back for the movie. EW checks in with the Sex-y better halves.

David Eigenberg
The 44-year-old jokes that Steve Brady did big things for Sex as well as for Miranda: ”The show did kind of blow up around the time Steve came in,” he laughs.
Where we left off
The bar owner convinced Miranda to move to Brooklyn, where the two settled in with baby Brady and Steve’s ailing Ma (Anne Meara).
The episode he begged the writers not to do
”The skid marks episode. I was like, ‘Please, fans are going to call me Skid Marks.”’ But what fans really remember is Steve’s post-surgery insecurity. ”People are like, ‘Hey, do you have one ball or two?’ ‘I actually have three, and I got one for you right here.”’
The souvenir he keeps in the garage
The tampons Steve had stuffed up his bloody nose after walking in on Miranda and Dr. Robert (Blair Underwood) — and then walking into a wall. ”My wife won’t allow it in the house, rightfully so.”
Friendly fire on the movie set
”When Anne Meara first saw me, she yelled from across the makeup trailer, ‘You got old.’ And I yelled back, ‘You think I look old, look in the mirror.”’

Jason Lewis
As the struggling actor Smith Jerrod, Lewis, 36, quickly became a fan favorite — as much for his chiseled beauty as his dedication to Samantha Jones.
Where we left off
Jerrod was parlaying his billboard fame into blockbuster status — and a real relationship with Samantha. In the movie, Lewis says, ”The two of us have moved forward in our relationship. Samantha continues to work with me, and I’m doing much better in terms of my success.”
Losing his head (of hair)
Jerrod shaving his lush goldilocks in sympathy with cancer patient Samantha is still Lewis’ favorite Sex moment: ”It was exhilarating. I thought it was a wonderful story point and such a cool thing for a character to do for another character.”
On getting too close to the fans
”I once had a woman lift up my shirt and rub my belly while her husband was taking a picture of us. He was like, ‘Honey, what are you doing?’ And she said, ‘It’s okay. I’ve seen him naked on TV.”’

Evan Handler
Charlotte’s Jewish divorce lawyer, hairy-backed Harry Goldenblatt, became her dream husband.
Where we left off
Charlotte and Harry learned their adoption of a Chinese baby girl was a go. In the movie, Harry remains ”the quintessential good husband,” says Handler, 47.
But stop calling him ”unlikely”
”All the press was how unlikely it is that this guy would be with that beautiful girl. It’s halfway up the mountain — and then you get slapped.”
Bare play
”No one could have been more surprised than I was when I read the script [for episode 83] that says, ‘We see Harry naked.’ Really?”
When he’s not playing Mr. Perfect…
Handler is shooting season 2 of Showtime’s Californication (he plays an agent), and he just released his second memoir, It’s Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive. ”What’s funny is [the book is] about a guy searching for love and contentment, who then finds what all four of those women were looking for on the show.”