''Sex and the City'' restaurant trivia -- Which of these themed bars and restaurants are real

Layla (ep. 14)
At Carrie’s birthday party, the belly dancer almost distracts from the awkwardness of having Big and his friend attend. Real or fake?

La Douleur Exquisite (ep. 24)
Samantha is hired as the publicist for an S&M restaurant and invites the ladies and Stanford. Real or fake?

Raw (ep. 76)
Samantha meets waiter Jerry (a.k.a. Smith) at this raw-food restaurant. The dishes may be uncooked, but the heat is undeniable. Real or fake?

Bed (ep. 81)
A ticked-off Carrie runs into Berger’s friends at this hipster bar that comes with its own sleeping accommodations. Real or fake?

Answers: Layla real; La Douleur Exquise fake; Raw fake; BED split (The restaurant was real, but in Miami — the New York spin-off opened only after the episode aired.)

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