Playing house with Kyle MacLachlan -- The "Desperate Housewives" star dishes on his "Sex and the City" character

Before playing Desperate Housewives‘ dentist Orson, the actor was known for another Prince Almost Charming.

When Kyle MacLachlan signed on as Charlotte’s knight-in-shining-Armani Trey MacDougal, it was only for a brief stint. ”I was just meant to pass through her life,” says the actor; producers liked his chemistry with Davis so much, though, they kept him around for two seasons. ”They thought it was nice we could do both comedy and drama together.” But it was the one thing the onscreen pair couldn’t do — produce a baby — that would sink their marriage. ”At first, I was scratching my head about the idea of [Trey giving Charlotte] the cardboard baby,” MacLachlan remembers of the episode 61 gag. ”But in the end, I thought it was funny.” The other humor MacLachlan loved from Sex and the City? That of his costar Frances Sternhagen, who played Trey’s hilariously overbearing mother. ”I always would suggest that they spin off the Trey and Bunny Show,” he says. “That would be fun to see.”

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