Behold, the three performances from this morning’s New Kids on the Block Today show concert!

The guys, reuniting for their first televised performance in 15 years, drew a seriously large, loud female crowd to Rockefeller Plaza. (Some of the ladies camped out for 48 hours.)They opened with a greatest hits medley. While they looked great (Jordan Knight can almost pull off sunglasses in the rain), they sounded just okay. My favorite moment was when they turned their backs to the audience, sexily slithered out of their suit jackets like strippers, and launched into the PG-rated “Please Don’t Go Girl.” I did, however, genuinely (!) enjoy the dance mix of “The Right Stuff.” (I’m a huge fan of the Joey Mac hip pump.)

After the jump, their best (new single “Summertime”) and worst (“Tonight”) offerings.

I took some heat on a post earlier this week when I referred to “Summertime” as both forgettable and kinda catchy. You’re right. I should have explained it differently. What I meant was: It has a beat you’ll move to when you hear it, but you won’t carry it with you. I thought the guys sounded their best on this track. Two great moments to watch for: Donnie Wahlberg raising his shirt to show abs, and two guys in a neighboring skyscraper watching the concert from their office window (busted!).

I would’ve preferred to hear another new track, as opposed to this Broadway-esque rendition of the saptacular “Tonight.”