New fall TV shows -- Look for Christian Slater, Selma Blair, and Molly Shannon on the small screen

Are there any new ideas in TV? Not judging by the shows ABC, NBC, and The CW announced for the fall during upfronts: NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy (with Christian Slater as a suburban spy) is the only new scripted offering that isn’t a remake or adaptation. Here, a lowdown on the repeat offenders. (CBS’ and Fox’s offerings will be reviewed next week.)

Kath & Kim (NBC)
This comedy about an eccentric mother (Molly Shannon) and daughter (Selma Blair) is adapted from an Aussie smash. Think gonzo Gilmore Girls.

Life on Mars (ABC)
Based on the Brit series about a modern cop transported back to 1972, this fish-out-of-decade show looks like a fun police period piece.

90210 (The CW)
Ah, but it’s 90210 in a Gossip Girl world, and the smart-looking cast and tone crackle. Could be the soap Gen-Millennial has been waiting for.

Crusoe (NBC)
The 18th-century novel made contemporary. But do we really need Survivor meets Cast Away? Unless the writing is Daniel Defoe-good, it’ll be drippy.

Surviving the Filthy Rich (The CW)
Adapted from a novel: A plucky working girl tutors two too-wealthy teen brats. Looks both gloppy and decadent.

Knight Rider (NBC)
Did you see the hit TV movie in February 2008 that spawned this revival? Then you know it’s already running on fumes.