''Mad Money'' stars' happier flicks -- Instead of renting their collaborative box office bomb, browse these films starring Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes, and Queen Latifah

”Mad Money” stars’ happier movies

Last winter’s bank-robbing caper MAD MONEY (now on DVD) bombed and did little for stars Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton, and Katie Holmes. So do the ladies a solid and rent these great performances instead.

Diane Keaton, Manhattan Murder Mystery
(PG, 109 mins., 1993) It’s Keaton’s eighth film with Woody Allen, only this time he’s her girl Friday as they portray a bumbling New York couple who suspect their elderly neighbor of murdering his wife.

Katie Holmes, Pieces of April
(PG-13, 80 mins., 2003) Holmes is perfect in this dramedy about a Lower East Side hipster struggling to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for her family — using a broken stove. Even the red dye job suits her.

Queen Latifah, Living Out Loud
(R, 100 mins., 1998) Rap’s top lady nearly shows up star Holly Hunter as a sultry nightclub chanteuse with a penchant for falling in love with gay men. Plus, she does all her own (pre-Chicago) singing.