Best season ending cliff-hangers, ''Idol'' coverage, TV's most gratuitous moments, and more

1. Famous Finales
They were the cliff-hangers that kept us buzzing for days. From ”Who Shot J.R.?” to Denny’s death on Grey’s Anatomy, we recap TV’s most OMG-worthy season enders.

2. Bowing Down to ‘Idol’
In anticipation of season 7’s wrap-up, we’ll be stepping up our Idol coverage, with live blogs, galleries, Idolatry chats, and backstage reports.

3. Fantasy Lands
To celebrate the new Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, we journey through otherworldly realms like Oz, Neverland, and Middle-earth.

4. News You Can Use
Cruise over to our PopWatch and Hollywood Insider blogs to see what’s on the entertainment industry’s radar: TV characters with the best chemistry, incomprehensible cultural phenomena, the latest deals, and much, much more.

5. Risqué Business
Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here? We asked readers for television’s most gratuitous moments, and they bravely bared all. One choice pick: a steamy scene involving Alias‘ Sydney Bristow.