Of course, I had to write this. But I almost didn’t. This week’s stalker-themed episode of Bones made me feel a little guilty for knowing that festive socks and hockey are actually two of David Boreanaz’s favorite things in real life. In fact, I’m pretty sure he already got the birthday present he wanted: His beloved Philadelphia Flyers are still alive in the Stanley Cup playoffs after finally winning one against the Pittsburgh Penguins last night. Boreanaz has been blogging about the Flyers’ Cup run for Even if you’re not a hockey fan, you might enjoy him calling out Sidney Crosby’s “Rico Sanchez porn mustache.” No? Then maybe this clip of him “throwing down” with Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch at a celebrity hockey event earlier this year? No? Fine. Then just celebrate by watching the Angel bloopers below and the Bones gag reel after the jump.


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