Slezak: Mandi, I just came out of the Idol Cave to discover that ABC canceled Women’s Murder Club (with Angie Harmon, left) this week. How am I supposed to go on?
Slezak: Maybe it wasn’t a hit in America, but it was a hit in my home. I am distraught. (Seriously!)
Mandi: I’d tell you to take comfort in the best-when-bare arms of Moonlight‘s Alex O’Loughlin (right), but that show got s—canned, too.
Mandi: If Mick and Beth don’t get it on in Friday night’s season finale, you will see me distraught. Why did I let myself get sucked in? (Pun not intended. But enjoyed!)
Mandi: By the way, I sat through the entire season of October Road, too. Now we’ll never know who that kid’s father is. And worse, Geoff Stults has no reason to leave me voicemails offering to dance shirtless in my office. Just cruel.
Slezak: What is wrong with this country?
Slezak: And if the Moonlight producers didn’t shoot a little wah-chicka-wah-wah in anticipation of potential cancellation, what is wrong with THEM?
Slezak: Clearly, this was not a good week for middling programming that’s very fun to watch with the brain shut off.
Slezak: I’m going to go find a mojito… you in?
Mandi: Can’t. I’ve got to catch up on seven seasons of According to Jim.

Which cancellations are you mourning? After the jump, we list the major casualties for quick and easy reference.

ABC: Men in Trees, Women’s Murder Club, October Road, Miss Guided, Carpoolers
CBS: Moonlight, Shark, Jericho, Welcome to the Captain
FOX: Back to You, Canterbury’s Law, New Amsterdam, Unhitched
NBC: Journeyman, Las Vegas, Scrubs (but that was picked up by ABC)
The CW: Aliens in America, Girlfriends, WWE Smackdown (but that was picked up by MyNetworkTV)

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