For a couple years now, we here at PopWatch have been eagerly awaiting — sometimes a touch too eagerly! — the American remake of the BBC’s excellent time-travel/police-procedural series Life on Mars. And just this week, we found out that ABC will indeed be airing its brand-new Life on Mars every Thursday after Grey’s this fall. Now that it’s actually happening, of course, it’s time for some worrisome second thoughts. Can American network TV really handle material this original? Check out ABC’s new trailer (hat tip to Entertainment Tonight) and see for yourself:

Well, that voice-over narration is just painful. And io9 is right to flag the corny funk music that busts out when Mars‘ present-day cop gets bumped back to the ’70s — the show is named after a spooky David Bowie power ballad, dudes, not some sort of KC and the Sunshine Band outtake! So yeah, it remains unclear whether ABC is interested in preserving the BBC show’s unique tone, or if this is heading for wacky sitcom-ish territory. But I’m digging star Jason O’Mara (and co-star/Star Trek alum Colm Meaney) in this clip —€” enough to give ABC the benefit of the doubt ’til this fall. Are you?