On Tuesday, 23 potential jurors, a pool of journalists, and R. Kelly sat in courtroom as jury selection for the singer’s trial entered its third day. So far, eight jurors have been selected out of the 150 people who had filled out questionnaires last week. Also, Judge Vincent Gaughn alluded to the possibility of sequestering the jury. “It might happen,” he said, when a potential juror inquired.

The singer, who wore a tan suit and stoic expression on his face,

appeared fatigued at the end of the 10-hour session. (Fortunately, a

lavender air freshener had been placed on the windowsill

behind him, combating the men’s-room odor that had caused a problem on



remains very tight (think: Homeland Security’s Orange level) and

Judge Gaughn has strict rules about courtroom decorum: One journalist

was almost thrown in jail for interviewing someone in the courtroom, and no gadgetry, purses, pocketbooks, magazines, or newspapers are allowed. Just the bare necessities: pens and paper.

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