Because the spinoff casting news still has us in 90210 nostalgia mode, and because we wanted to prove that someone does read the “Contact us” e-mail we receive: I was just forwarded a note from a reader named Randi Haman, who said: “My boyfriend and I wrote and recorded the ultimate 90210 tribute song. He was reluctant at first, but after I forced him to watch 9-0 on SOAPnet everyday, he eventually began to see why it is one of the best shows ever! Check it out. We promise you will love it…”

Randi, and her boyfriend, Mike Lawson, do not lie. Listen to “Oh Minnesota” here. That chorus is catchy:

Still, my favorite line has to be “Hangin’ at the Peach Pit, oh those were the days/Wasted at the prom and writin’ for The Blaze…”

What’s yours?

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