Lori Loughlin, 90210, ...
Credit: Frank Ockenfels

Check out the new cast of 90210. Look, there’s Aunt Becky from Full House in the yellow dress and Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development in the hot pink blazer — but where’ s David Silver in his fugly, long-sleeve silk paisley shirts from the early ’90s? Where’s Brandon ‘n’ Brenda Walsh? Yeah, Andrea Zuckerman was a 32-year-old teenager when the first series aired, but she can always come back and be one of the new teens’ grandmothers, right? Jennie Garth’s character Kelly Taylor will return to West Beverly as a high school guidance counselor, and now Tori Spelling is in talks to reprise her role as Donna Martin. Even Screech hung around at Bayside High as Mr. Belding’s sdekick for Saved By the Bell: The New Class — so how about everyone else? Does the new cast compare with the old?

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