(FROM VARIETY) ? Universal has signed a deal for a movie adaptation of last year’s award-winning videogame BioShock, with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski already on board to direct and produce. The deal between Universal and Take-Two Interactive, the game’s publisher, is believed to be the biggest videogame-to-movie deal since Universal and Fox signed with Microsoft in 2005 for a Halo movie (that project has since been aborted). BioShock, which has sold more than 2 million units worldwide, is set in an underwater city based on the free market principles of Ayn Rand. But things have gone disastrously wrong, thanks to the discovery of ADAM, a gene-altering material, and the nearly-deserted city is left in shambles. Players control the sole survivor of a plane crash who takes refuge in the sprawling and decaying underwater metropolis and slowly discovers its secrets. Verbinski says he will start production as soon as the screenplay is penned by Aviator scribe John Logan, who is still in talks for the project. (Variety)