I found out my answer to that question the hard way last night, when I braved some seriously nasty weather to see Radiohead at Bristow, Virginia’s Nissan Pavilion. (What, you thought I was kidding?) Torrential rains flooded the roads to the venue, so just getting there felt like an episode of Man Vs. Wild; once I arrived, I plunged calf-deep into several cold, muddy puddles on my way to my seat, where I was only partially sheltered from the freezing sheets of water pelting the poor folks who had spots on the lawn. Let’s just say Thom Yorke’s flawless falsetto wasn’t the only thing making me shiver.

But you know what? It was so worth it! Those of us who made it into the theater on time were rewarded with a real prize of a set list. The band gave us spirited versions of O.G. fan favorites like “Lucky,” “Paranoid Android” (“rain down,” indeed), “Karma Police,” and “Planet Telex” (the latter with a groovy rainbow-colored light show) — any one of which could have been the call-your-friend highlight of another show on its own. Thom repeatedly apologized to the sodden crowd; he even dedicated a touching “Fake Plastic Trees” to the fans who couldn’t make it to the venue due to the storm. Oh, and the jokes. Thom introduced an encore of “Optimistic” by instructing chilly lawn-dwellers to “Find someone to cuddle up with, find out where they live, go home, get undressed, and turn the heat up.” If that option didn’t pan out, he suggested we “come backstage after the show, and we’ll get you sorted out”… lingering pause… “with towels ‘n’ s—!” (“Old school rock ‘n’ roll,” another band member — I believe it was Ed O’Brien — quipped after the punchline.) Talk about a crowd-pleasing performance!

Anyway, it’s probably no surprise that a fanatical Radiohead bufflike me would be willing to stand in a damp amphitheater for two hoursjust to hear them play. Which brings me to my question: Are there anyartists you’d do the same for? Remember, respiratory ailments passafter a few weeks — awesome concerts last forever. And while we’re onthe subject, were any of you there with me at last night’s Bristowshow? (One final question: Am I the only one who can’t read thelocation of this concert without thinking of Alias?)

Set list:
“All I Need”
“Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
“15 Step”
“Pyramid Song”
“Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”
“Faust Arp” (acoustic)
“Paranoid Android”
“Everything In Its Right Place”
“Bangers + Mash”
“Like Spinning Plates”
[set break]
“Karma Police”
“Go Slowly”
“Planet Telex”
“Fake Plastic Trees”
[set break]
“The National Anthem”
“House of Cards”