I got my latest update this morning. (I registered for the New Kids on the Block newsletter “for work,” FYI, and not because I have a junior high yearbook filled with classmates wishing me a happy life with Jordan Knight.) Below is the latest video of the guys rehearsing for their May 16 Today show performance. I knew there would be dancing, and I was even looking forward to it. But while I’m totally down with them working their imaginary mic stands, watching five men — now approaching 40 — bust ‘N Sync moves (circa “Bye Bye Bye”) is a little uncomfortable. We should all, of course, reserve judgment until we see them Friday, but I wanted to put you on alert. I’d say we’re at orange.

You can hear their first single, “Summertime,” here. It’s forgettable, but kinda catchy. I’d put it above LFO’s “Summer Girls” but below O-Town’s “We Fit Together.” (Special shout-out to my friend Eva, who not only remembered the title of that O-Town song when I IM’d her for it, but also quoted lyrics.)

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