Straight up now tell me: Are you an ’80s music addict? Then come go with me by clicking here and taking a totally rad ’80s lyrics quiz. (Thanks to my friend Bonnie for sending it to me; that’s a half-hour of my life I won’t be getting back!) I scored a better-than-expected 123.5, but still can’t believe I missed No. 91. (D’oh!) And even after finishing the quiz and getting the answer key, I still needed Google’s help to determine the song origins of Nos. 38 and 71.

Once you’ve completed your test (yes, that Rick Springfield photo to the left might be a clue to one of the answers), post your score in the comments section below, and share with your fellow PopWatchers which questions stumped you the most. Like a Pointer Sister, I’m so excited to hear how you did!

addCredit(“Rick Springfield: Robin Platzer/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images”)